On The Edge - The Gift of Dyslexia

(working title)

Documentary  |  Collage Animation  |  Production  |  Direction

On the Edge is a biographical documentary about the very unique life and wisdom of self proclaimed ‘Prophet, Madman, Wanderer and Creative Director’ Steve Edge. The films focus is Steve’s early diagnosis of Dyslexia revealing how it has had a positive and catalysing impact in shaping his future; by opening up the world of creative design and innovation to him.

The film’s aim is to stimulate social change. To change perceptions of the “D” word, examining what makes us who we are, and celebrating the transformative power of the creative spirit. As a success story of how a journey with Dyslexia has challenged and expanded Edge’s perception of the world and his eccentric approach to life and adventures, he is the perfect central focus for the film. Using Edge’s experiences to reflect on Dyslexia in a wider context offers us a fragment of insight in how seeing the world in a different way can be- not only entrepreneurially empowering- but a tool for a dynamic shift in perception of how we see and exist in the world.

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